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The site for creating appointments was outdated and cumbersome to use, leaving customers confused and frustrated throughout the process.

This site redesign addresses the issues presented by the previous site by considering customer concerns, improving information clarity, and involving multiple internal stakeholders throughout the design process.

As the Product Designer for this project, I was responsible for conducting research, developing wireframes, and iterating on the design based on feedback from internal stakeholders.

The team members directly involved in this project were myself, the Director of Marketing, Chief Technology Officer, and one developer. We met weekly to discuss timelines, strategy, and approvals/revisions.


My goals for this project were the following:

Apply insights from customer data to make impactful UI decisions

Provide context and clarity around the reservation process to end users

Create an experience considerate of mobile users

Accommodate user expectations during the appointment process


To have the most accurate understanding of our customers, I collected information from multiple channels, including site analytics, surveys and focus groups.

Early customer feedback revealed that there was some confusion about the general reservation process, as certain steps in the journey were perceived as redundant.

A site audit also showed the site featured numerous visual inconsistencies and did not adapt well to multiple screen sizes, negatively impacting the experience on mobile devices.

Data showed that the suboptimal experience had a negative impact on conversion rates and increased negative sentiment between the customer and the company.

I began to craft a new experience for creating appointments based on customer insights. Due to the nature of these proposed changes, I met regularly with members of executive leadership to receive feedback and input.


The core flow was iterated upon until final approval was given from the leadership team. The site design was created using redesigned structural elements adaptable to multiple screen sizes.

I worked alongside the development team during construction of the new site to ensure the final product was as close as possible to the presented mockups before launch.


Updated UI
The site was given a visual refresh, with UI elements updated to improve legibility and highlight photography as a core visual element.
Mobile First Approach
Due to the large proportion of site visitors accessing the site via mobile devices, the site structure was built with a mobile-first approach.
Improved Landing Page
The introductory page of the site was given a visual update and amended with informational segments that detailed the booking process and what to expect.
Date Availability Preview
The user flow was updated to allow customers to find open dates earlier in the booking process. Supplemental information was also added throughout the site to assist the customer and provide additional guidance during each step of the journey if needed.


By presenting more information about the reservation process upfront, our customers would be able to feel more confident and knowledgeable while making their selections.

Due to the fact that our customers prioritized finding open dates as quickly as possible, changing the flow to account for this would reduce the friction users felt while selecting a preferred date.

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